Audio messages recording

If you want to create a professional environment for your callers, then you will surely need audio recordings like: "Thank you for choosing ProNet Telecom services. All agents are currently busy, please continue to hold the line!"

Our plans offer free recording of audio messages (in a certain limit), customized for every client. You only need to send us the text (or the main components of the messages, like you brand name, business hours etc.). We will handle everything else.

Please, keep in mind that the phone lines will distort the original recording quite much. The samples provided below have been made using a low-quality template, to emulate the playback using a phone line.

Girl recording audio

Available voices

You can find below the voices available for recording audio messages, along with the available language, for each voice. Most of our customers only need German messages and, because of that, Andreea's voice is the most common choice.


This is the women voice used by most of out customers. She is available mainly for German recordings. She can also record English texts, but some German accents can be noticed, as Andreea is not a native English speaker.

Girl recording audio


Klauss can record both in German and English. But, just like Andreea, Klauss is not a native English speaker, so some German accents can be found in his recordings.

Man recording audio


When an English audio message is needed, Jessica is the correct choice. Keep in mind that Jessica does not speak German at all.

Girl recording audio


Same as Jessica, John can easily record any text in English. But, also just like Jessica, John cannot record anything in German.

Man recording audio tracks